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Tricia is a mom, wife & coach on a mission to help mom's focus on self-care so that they gain back their energy, fit into their clothes, and feel empowered to fulfill their dreams!

She grew up in Indiana where she got her BS in ChemEng at Purdue University and went to work for GE.  During her 17 year tenure at GE, she got her MBA from Carnegie Mellon, Tepper School of Business, managed multiple business centers & became 6 Sigma, Black Belt Certified. 

She left her corporate career to raise  her young kids and recover her health.  

In 2018, she was an inactive stay at home moms with no energy & no dreams. She met a mentor who helped her to get her mind straight, supercharge her nutrition and get in action. She started feeling better and joined a gym.

Now, she’s a triathlete and a NYC marathon finisher with a dream of becoming an Ironman athlete.

Tricia leverages all her experience to help moms improve their health and increase their wealth.  She believes that when you look and feel better, you’re better equipped to pursue your dreams!

Level up your health so you can make more money and impact more lives.

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